Though there are some similarities, the technology needs of a business are often quite different than a home. While a home typically utilizes technology for entertainment (surfing the web, streaming online videos, listening to music etc) a business relies on technology for its day to day operations. Computer networks with servers, workstations, and network printers, are integral components that are depended on for the business’s success. Office phone systems are necessary for not only communication with clients but interoffice communication and voicemail as well. Conference rooms are utilized for meetings with current and prospective clients and often require connection of a laptop for display on a TV and/or projector for slideshows and presentations. Phone and video conferencing systems allow staff to communicate with clients and business associates all around the world. Guest WiFi networks can be setup to allow visitors Internet access while restricting access to private network devices and data. Digital signage displays and video walls can be used for marketing and educational purposes.

Technology in a business is not only important for office productivity and efficiency but also conveys a positive impression to your customers of being modern and in touch with the times. Fumbling through your technology during a meeting with important clients is not only frustrating but also embarrassing. Because of that it is of the utmost importance that your system works when and how you need it to.