Integrated Control Systems

The days of being able to turn on a single TV and just watch your favorite show are long gone. The modern A/V system typically consists of several different devices which all need to be controlled. If you have anything more than the most basic system, you probably have a handful of different remotes (i.e. TV, receiver, cable box, Apple TV, smart Blu-ray player, etc) and unless you’re extremely tech savvy it’s easy to quickly get confused. Even if you are able to control the system by juggling remotes it’s likely you are the only one in the house who knows how. Because of this, the need for an intuitive control system is imperative for ease of use.

A capable remote is able to simplify the most complex systems so you don’t have to worry about how to use it and instead can just focus on enjoying it. Imagine being able to pick up a single remote and press one button. Each component starts up, the inputs change and you are able to simply start watching or listening. Want to change sources? No problem. One more button press and you’re good to go. When you’re finished you power everything down with another single button press. Having someone house sit while you’re on vacation? No complex instructions on how to watch a movie. Family, friends, or renters it doesn’t matter. One remote for every device all the time. Simple.

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