Lighting Control

Automated lighting control systems are a revolutionary way to manage your lights. Similar to motorized shade systems, they are about simplicity, efficiency, and safety. When you are able to control lights from an iPad or an on wall keypad you no longer have to walk downstairs to turn the lights off before bed. You don’t have to worry about leaving them on when you leave the house. Want exterior lights on in the early evening but off late at night? No problem. Lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at any time of day. By adjusting the brightness you’re able to be energy efficient and save money on electricity bills. You never have to walk into a completely dark house or get up to dim the lights before watching a movie. Elegant scenes can be programmed so with a single button press all the lights in a certain area or even the whole house will adjust to your exact specifications (i.e. entertaining, movie watching, romantic dinners, good night, etc). When you leave out of town you can turn on “vacation mode” so it will appear as if the house is occupied.

The best news? With RadioRA2 from Lutron installation couldn’t be easier. No additional wiring or cutting of drywall is needed. It is perfect for retrofit projects, remodels or existing homes. By simply replacing your existing switches with Lutron dimmers or keypads the power and convenience of lighting control can be fully enjoyed without an invasive installation.

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