Low Voltage Prewiring

Whether audio, video, phone, networking, lighting, motorized shades, surveillance or even USB, the importance of proper and thorough prewiring cannot be overstated. Not only is the correct wiring essential to a reliable and fully functional system, but having the necessary wiring gives you and your technology the ability to grow and adapt to future needs. Routing new wiring after your home or office is finished can be expensive and at times virtually impossible without costly repairs. Therefore anticipating the future and properly planning the prewire is critical to the value of your investment. With a well-engineered prewire your home or office will have the flexibility to fit the needs of any system, big or small.

It is imperative the prewire design starts early in the build so the necessary wiring can be routed to the proper locations before drywall. This will ensure there are no shortcomings. With many years of experience, Imperial Integration can help to properly plan and implement every aspect of the technology in your home or office and it all starts with the prewire.

imperialLow Voltage Prewiring