With modern day technology, a well-designed and functioning network is an integral piece to virtually every aspect of the system. Whether surfing the web, checking email, video conferencing, streaming online video, viewing surveillance cameras remotely, or simply printing a document, a network is something you use every day even if you don’t realize it. While your 4G or LTE cell service will allow your phone to do some of those things, a home or office network allows all of your devices (whether hard wired or wireless) to reside on one Local Area Network (LAN) and communicate with each other. A well designed and functioning network will be faster, more reliable, and (when properly implemented) more secure.

Unfortunately though the network is such an essential piece of your system it is often something that is overlooked or poorly planned. Anything beyond the most basic systems in smaller homes quickly becomes too complicated for cable TV or Internet service providers to handle. And while many “AV guys” can hang a TV or install surround sound speakers they typically have limited understanding of how to properly configure a network. With over 20 years of experience in IT, Imperial Integration can help setup and support a network that not only works when you want it to but how you want it to. We can ensure that not only are all the necessary devices in your home or office connected and communicating properly but that network security is properly configured for your safety and that WiFi coverage reaches the furthest corners of even the largest properties.