Outdoor Audio/Video

In Southern California where the sun shines more days than not backyards, pools and BBQ’s are a popular place for entertaining and relaxing. A properly designed outdoor audio system can sound better than you probably ever thought possible. The emergence of in ground burial subwoofers add a remarkable level of bass and warmth to the sound while maintaining a low footprint that blends into all kinds of landscaping. Whether hosting the Super Bowl, an anniversary party or a birthday, music sets the mood and helps people enjoy themselves.

It’s a common misconception that more speakers mean “louder”. While you can certainly turn up the sound to jam your favorite song the goal of strategically placed speakers throughout the yard is more important for playing music at low volumes. Unlike indoor areas where the sound is confined and bouncing off objects to reach your ears, the sound disperses easily in open spaces like a backyard. With evenly placed speakers around the yard you are able to play the music at reasonable volumes and enjoy it everywhere without having to crank the sound on a couple speakers to hear it across the yard.

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